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We work to bring equity to all lives through fostering the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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Sustainable Research Funding and Development

We Fund researches geared towards the achievement of the established SDGs, we partner with other NGOs, Government Agencies and Civil Society Organizations to achieve this

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Agricultural Development

Achieving the Food and Agricultural Organization – FAO’s goals to end hunger and poverty is a challenging and complex task. Today, thanks to major changes we have carried out in food production in parts of Africa and the Middle East.

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Family Planning

We provide confidential reproductive health care services to target populations regardless of their inability to pay. We promote informed decision making and personal choice about parenthood and sexual health.


Maternal, New Born and Child Health

Our main objective for Improving Quality of Care for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health is that every pregnant woman, newborn and child receives good quality care in health services.



John Chan Foundation seeks to bring equality in the standard of living of everyone on the face of the earth. All lives have equal value – Hence our mission “bringing equity to the world”


Our core values are

Accountability, Intergrity, Honesty, Courage, Respect and Diversity

By 2030, John Chan Foundation will be a solid, profoundly productive organization conducting value for funds focused on empowering lives around the world.


John Chan Foundation will be executing ventures that will target; Investing more in Maternal, New Born and Child health in developing countries; Providing Financial assistance for the needy in target countries, through establishment of SMEs for potential targets; Creating positive relationships between industrial and rural areas of target populations. A partnership aimed at bringing Agricultural Development; Conducting surveys to ascertain changing patterns in human needs in rural areas; and developing strategies in the management of such issues; Creating awareness on the importance of Family Planning in target communities


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Letter from John Chan

My Idol Warren Buffet once gave us some great advice about philanthropy: “Don’t just go for safe
projects,” he said. “Take on the really tough problems.”We couldn’t agree more.


Video Gallery

One of our volunteers joins the villagers to celebrate after water pumps are installed for villages in South Africa

JCF in partnership with Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) installs water pumps in rural Malawi which is one of the poorest countries in the world.

JCF joins forces with Action Against Hunger/ACF International to call on urgent donor support to prevent a food crisis in the Sahel in the coming years

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